• Andrei Chugunov – Organization Committee Head
  • Polina Smirnova - Information Manager
  • Yury Kabanov - Program Coordinator and Proceedings Manager
  • Marina Lebedeva – Partners Cooperation and PR
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DTGS is co-organized by ITMO University and Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg Campus). Both universities have the status of national research universities and are recognized as the leading centers of competence in the respected areas of studies. 

It is also supported by PRIOR North-West, Russian non-governmental interregional expert network focused on the Information Society development.

ITMO University – one of the leading universities and research institutions in Russia, specializing in Information Technologies, Optical Design and Engineering. Founded in 1900, today it is home to over 14,300 students and has earned its name “National Research University,” being of the best centers for the selection and training of young gifted programmers in Russia. The University hosts 43 international research laboratories, as well as the R&D system of startup labs and tech clusters. ITMO University participates in several international programs and offers over two dozen double degrees Master’s and PhD programs with partner universities around the world. 

DTGS’17 is hosted by eScience Institute (Prof. Alexander Boukhanovsky, Dr. Sc.) and eGovernance Center (Andrei V. Chugunov, PhD).


ITMO University  

eScience Institute

High-Performance Computing Department

E-Governance Center

National Research University Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg Campus) was founded in 1997. HSE is a Russia’s leader in economic, social and humanitarian research, oriented globally to advance education and knowledge in a broad area of study. It has more than 4200 students, offering international BA, MA and PhD programs. HSE St. Petersburg runs 15 research laboratories, 4 of them are international flagship research centers led by world-renowned researchers.


HSE (St. Petersburg) 

E-Development Partnership in the North-West of Russia (PRIOR North-West) is an NGO (non-commercial partnership) established in 2002 as an interregional public initiative. The Partnership now brings together about 100 organizations from 9 Russian regions of the North-West, including public authorities, academic and educational institutions, enterprises, NGOs and international organizations. The key tasks of the Partnership include the development of the North-Western federal district and promotion of better life quality on the basis of effective ICTs usage, as well as the development of information society by means of cooperation among public and municipal authorities, business, academia and non-profit sector.


PRIOR North - West 


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